Everything There Is to Know About Dental Imaging

Dental imaging is utilized to learn about the presence of cavities, dental infections and oral masses. At The Dentist Place, our dentist utilizes a variety of imaging techniques to ensure our patients receive the most thorough diagnosis. Take a moment to learn more about these styles, below. 

Digital X Rays

Digital x-rays are particularly beneficial as they do not expose patients to as much radiation as film x-rays tend to do. The imaging results help our dentist identify any growths or abnormalities in the gums, teeth and enamel with ease. 

To achieve the desired results, the x-ray machine is connected to a computer that showcases the image within minutes of them being taken. This quick turnaround makes your dental appointment shorter and allows our dentist to view the results immediately instead of having to wait hours or days.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera comes with three options:

  • Bite-Wing X-Ray: This x-ray produces a result that incorporates the upper and lower teeth of a specific area in your mouth. The x-ray helps in detecting tooth decays, cavities or any other abnormality in the individual’s mouth.

  • Periapical X-Ray: This x-ray produces a result limited to only one tooth. It studies the details and the anatomy of the tooth in particular. 

  • Occlusal X-Ray: This intraoral camera focuses on the arch of the teeth. It could be either your upper jaw or the lower jaw. This x-ray style can produce results that help study the dental structure and the developments of any procedure.

iTero Dental Impressions

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If you have any questions regarding the dental imaging techniques utilized at The Dentist Place, contact our office in Brooksville, Florida, by calling 352-596-8988. Our team is happy to address your concerns and provide more information on the systems we use.